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Thread: Loop or no loop

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    Default Loop or no loop

    I read so many posts here and on other firums of string loops fraying or getting worn out from release jaws. I have tried a loop, but just didn't care for one as I have yet to find a release that suits me plus the idea of having a loop spinning around the string and just other issues. I have used a rope release since the mid 70's so am just used to it.

    My present release is a Cascade model 8 that has been in use for nearly 10 years and guess what. The rope was showing some signs of wear and I finally changed it yesterday. 10 years on the same rope. During that time I've hardly ever had to replace serving due to wear.

    Some day somebody will make a release I would like to try and a loop may be in the future, but as many say, "If it ain't broke then why try to fix it".
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    Quote Originally Posted by SonnyThomas View Post
    New strings, new loop for me.
    Same here.

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    Have probably 1000 shots w/loop on my prowler and about 100 w/loop on other bow and have not noticed any damage on loop as of yet with my release (team real tree brand). used to shoot with release on string (trophy hunter i think) had ball bearing type head on it wore out serving where it attached after a while.
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