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How are you going to test it anyway? You would need to fire a lot of shots with the different batches to rule out the other factors that influence accuracy. Plus the SS will probably shoot well regardless of arrow so any difference wont show up as much as with a average human archer with less than perfect form.
I can understand how human error can affect the shot. Mess up with the bow and the arrow will not hit it's mark. However, the arrow is being sent by the bow and I don't see how human error has an affect on how the arrow flies when strictly testing different straightness' of arrows? I hope that made sense. Since you or I as humans can not do something perfectly the same over and over again, we all have good days and bad days, the only way to rule out the human error aspect and test the arrows is in a machine. IMO the Super Shooter seems to be quite capable of this.

From what I have read all arrows are cut from the same rod (within that series). They just cull out the straighter ones and set them aside to sell separately.

Maybe we can get enough donations to buy 3 straight and 3 crooked arrows of the same brand for Hutch to test. He can set them up exactly the same for his bow For his testing he can keep the arrows. Maybe all he needs is 3 more of the .001" arrows that are a match to the ones he just bought? I would be willing to donate some money to the cause. I'm broke, so some, not all!