hey everybody, just wanted a little report on my recent hunt. As some of you know I purchased a Martin Cheetah over the winter, and after several problems with limbs, string wear, etc. I finally got the thing shooting beautifully just in time for bow season. I hunt in North Dakota and the season started last friday (the 2nd) at noon. My dad and I headed out to hunt on sat. night (even though the wind was at 15-25 mph gusting over 30). We both thought the wind may die down enough for some action to happen and we had a little.... on our way in my dad spooked a tiny buck and nice doe out on their way to feed, and this was at 515 pm! They cruised right past me and back to the bedding area.... Around 720 I had a doe and fawn come feed about 25 yards away from my stand, but she was on high alert, and something on me caught her eye. I stayed as still as possible but she would not take her eyes off me. I was surprised she had a clue.... I wear realtree APHD, and have great backdrop behind me, but with the high winds, she was real spooky and they trotted off. The wind started to drop down to about a 10 mph breeze in the perfect direction..... The sun was going down fast and I thought my night was done, but I had a large mature doe walk in around 815 (15 minutes left of shooting time) I was antsy to see how my bow worked, as well as my first year using carbon arrows, and rage 2 blade broadheads. I knew that if I shot here, I'd still have a bow tag remaining, because I had a spare doe tag to use. That being said, I drew back, and was holding at full draw for a good couple minutes until she gave me a great side/quarting away shot, and I smoked her right through the back part of the left lung and centered on the right lung! I was VERY impressed with the quietness of the bow. The doe didn't flinch or jump the string, and it was easy to hold at full draw due to it's lightweight short ata, and 80% letoff. I really enjoyed having my nockturnal lighted nocks and was able to see my shot placement with ease. I however wasn't super impressed with the rage broadheads?? She ran about 120 yards and stopped on the edge of a willow patch. She stumbled around for a bit before it was too dark for me to see her. We waited a good hour after the shot and went out after her. The blood trail was DECENT, but not any better than my old PSE 3 blade broadheads. We did find large puddles where she was stopping, but lost sight of the bload and decided to come back in the morning. Turns out she was 20 yards from where we had stopped tracking, and about 200 yards from where she was shot. Overall I was very happy with the performance of my bow, just not super impressed with the rage 2 blade! I can't really complain though. The broadhead did bring the deer down, they hit RIGHT where my field points do, and I could have shot her in the heart. All in all I couldn't be happier with my Martin, I've got fresh meat in the freezer, and look forward to hunting the remainder of the season!