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Thread: Robinhood with my Jaguar

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    m gardner

    Default Robinhood with my Jaguar

    I've shot in the Arizona Bowhunters thursday night league 5 times so far. Won money twice. Guess I'm a pro now. Won't be able to pursue my Olympic aspirations now. Oh well, I'm probably too old and cranky anyhow! I shoot a Martin Jaguar package bow and am the only one so far to robinhood an arrow during the 3-D competition. To make it even better I shot 2 twelves when I did it! Not bad for shooting against some of the best equipment out there. I was going to upgrade next year but am having second thoughts now.
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    Default I sure love mine...

    When I bought my Jaguar in 2000 it was a "Pro" series bow. I still love it and wonder if I shouldn't have gotten a 2nd one in advantage camo. Glad to hear someone else loves their Jag! Nathan

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