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Thread: TrophyLine USA Ground Armour Knee Savers

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    Default TrophyLine USA Ground Armour Knee Savers

    For the last three years I kept forgetting to order some type of Knee protector for hunting. I almost did it again this season. I did order it too close to my Muley hunt start date. I ordered it on August 26th. My Muley hunt started Sept 1. I Hunt Spot and stalk, Ambush.....I have a bad right knee and where I hunt has a lot of low to the ground Cacti. I am usually reminded of the Cacti as I kneel and place a knee right on a Cacti. Then I spend a few minutes using my leatherman pulling Cacti out of my skin. I could have ordered some regular Knee pads from the local hardware but I decided to give the Ground Armour a try. I made the order the morning of the 26th of August. I tried going the online route with the dealers they had posted on their website. Most of them didn't have it in stock. I called the Toll free number and it stated it was out of service. I ended up taking the chance and ordered it straight through them. later that afternoon on the 26th, I received a email stated that my order was processed. But it had to shipping or tracking info. After a few days I tried calling the company and the toll free number still didn't work. I tried the "Local" number and got a answering machine with a mans voice. I left a message with them asking for tracking info. I also emailed the Customer service email. My hunt started started Sept 1. I knew that I ordered too close to my start date. I made another call and left another message with the Voice mail and left and sent another email later that afternoon. They never returned a phone call or email. All I wanted were tracking and shipping info. On the 2nd, I killed my Mule Deer. UPS showed up on September 7th with my package.

    I wasn't able to try out the Knee savers during my Muley hunt. I'm hoping to get out and see how they feel on a black bear hunt or Elk hunt. i tried them at home and they feel alright. I really won't know until I try it out in the field. They seem to be made very well. I like how it comes with a soft gel cap for hunting and a hard cap for other types of activity. Nice product but I wished that the Customer service was better.

    Info from the Website.

    Ground Armour


    Also GREAT for Construction Work

    Use with the Tree Saddle� or for Ground Blinds and Spot N Stalk Hunting

    • 2 Easy-On / Easy-Off Straps
    • 2 Sets of Interchangeable Caps:
    - Soft Texturized Rubber Strips for Hunting
    - Hard Plastic Caps for Construction Work *
    • Unique Gel Pad:
    - Kneecap �doughnut� added for all day comfort

    Here's some pics I took,
    Still in Package.

    Picture with hard cap on,

    Picture with soft gel cap,
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