Well it's been a long time since I've been on here long summer with flooding and all as well as house renovations. Finally shot the bow tonight first time since January. Started at 20 yds and worked out to 40 yds. Now for the dilema. Tried the ST 100 Mags back in January and thought WOW these fly great at all distances same as FP's. The I just had to try the Muzzy MX3 100's after others talked them up and they are amazing out of my set up, even more consistent than the ST's. Both fly with POI as the FP's within' an inch of each other but the Muzzys just have that slight bit better consistency at all ranges or it could just be me. And at the longer distances they out performed the ST's as far as consistency within' a half inch of the 10 ring. Penetration from the Muzzy seems just slightly better as well. I believe I could have both in the quiver and it wouldn't matter which one I grabbed the target is going down. So now I need to choose which one as season has started but haven't been out yet due to the heat believe it or not. Think it will be the Muzzy this year since I am going to try to take my fall turkey with the bow as well. Nice to have these types of dilemas. Did I say that I think this is one of the best shooting bows I have ever shot, lol. Good hunting to all.