Not sure what to think of this or how it happened really. I was shooting my Cheetah / GT Velocity 400 / Apache Rest / Trufire 3D Hunter release. I lined up and put 5 on the money at 20 yards. First shot I stepped back to 30 yards and whooosh arrow sails right over the target into my garage and actually threaded the needle on my gas grill luckily. went right over the tank and under the grill ... Luckily the only bad part of this whole thing was the arrow broke in 2 - everything else is good, aside from the strange arrow flight.

I immediately thought my sights may have moved. I looked at them, I have them marked, nope not the sight. So that left me with the rest. A few weeks ago, I had a freak shot that I couldn't explain. The arrow dived right after I released the shot. This was the opposite, so I am thinking the arm may not have been all the way up or that it was up too long?? Does that sound like a possibility? I don't know if the string somehow is getting hung up on the cable or what? So I loosened the set screw and re-set the string. It pulled through much shorter than it was before. Set that and took a few shots, still high. I had to leave the house, so I'll be tinkering tomorrow, but just wondering if anything stands out to anyone here.

I touch back tomorrow after I figure it out, because I know I will - don't have much time left before the season to have something goofy like this going on.