How many of you east coast guys got effected by the rains from Lee? Here in central Pa. it started last Wednesday. I drive school bus part time
and ended up taking kids home early that day. We got 13.5" of rain over a 24 hour period. Needless to say the stream and Susquehanna river
couldn't handle the volume of that plus the onslaught of water from north of here.

Many homes got flooded, some completely covered. Some washed down the river and gone forever. People displaced from their homes. No electric or water for days. Here it is Monday and some places still inaccessible. Even though the water has subsided back within stream banks roads
have been washed out making travel somewhat dangerous (don't drive through standing water).

I've been on standby status with the bus evacuating people to higher ground and/or taking some to various Red Cross shelters. I'm still in that
mode as some will need to be transported back to their homes. In some cases, it's taking them back to total devastation. Most of these are
elderly and I can't imagine how they will ever be able to clean things up.

I was very fortunate with my home. Virtually no water damage to speak of. Neighbors had water in their basements wiping out heating/air
conditioning units or anything else of value. I've been helping some with cleaning things out. I feel bad for everybody and would like to help them all, but I'm just one person--can't do it all and I'm older than many affected but I do what I can. I can't sit back and watch people in misery when I fared so much better. Cleanup will take months

So how have you been affected?