Hey guys. I bought my Pantera last month,and its not quite what I expected. I was going to buy a ridge hunter or exile,but went with the pantera. I just like the draw of my Firecat 360 better. If anybody has a ridge hunter or exile they would like to trade,let me know. It has a hind sight Dead Finger,brand new,6" X Factor stabilizer in Next G1 camo,and a new Hostage Pro on it. I paid 479 for the bow and have only put 6 shots through it. Strings and cable in perfect shape,never dry fired and waxed after shooting. I will post pics in a few when I get to my laptop. The stabilizer was 60, rest 65,and the hindsight was 105. Would like to get 499 loaded,or trade your bare above-mentioned model for mine. We can work the trade deal out. Pics in a few. Thanks,Tom