i am new to bow hunting. I have had my exile about a month now. I bought it at cabelas in north idaho. This is going to seem silly but since im new im going to ask it , because it was never explained to me when i got my bow set up. Are you actually supposed to look throught the peep sight when aiming. the whole month i have been shooting i have not been looking through it. it is level with my eye maybe a lil high. my bow shoots straight and i have sighted it in to shoot fairly well withought using the peep. but after i get a lil tired i will start shooting bad groupings and it is kind of hard to just hold your bow there forever and aim to hit a bullseye even if it is just the the 20 yd pin. also i got my bow with the peep it came with in the package from martin. is it crappy or good enough. i hate to dump anymore money in my bow with the season starting saturday