If all arrows are fletched in exactly the same spot for a dozen arrows, you will get respectable groups and arrow flight. What I am trying to inform readers is that fine tuning for best arrow flight and groupings as well. Like I mentioned arrow with particular spines do seem to enjoy a sweet spot when it comes to a particular draw weight, with carbon arrow have a .30-40 spread, I find it best to also adjust the bows draw weight till I get the best and consistent arrow group.

I have heard some great things about Harvest, unfortunately in our neck of the woods they have not caught on, but if I happen to see some in the pro shop, I am more than willing to pick up a dozen and give me a try and perhaps write a review with photos on Harvest Arrow performance. I will be writing a review on Dark Horse Arrows once by buddy lends me a dozen of his. Dark Horse Arrows are made in Canada, I think on Vancouver Island and are said to closely resemble CX s. But until I get my hands on some, I won't know.

What I am going to be ordering are Easton's Max Carbons 2712, a tree trunk for line cutting in 3D. Looking forward to getting my hands on those and writing a review.

Again thanks Sonny for the comments, greatly appreciated.