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Thread: Laser Tuning for Arrow Rest Centre Shot and Sights

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    Default Laser Tuning for Arrow Rest Centre Shot and Sights

    Double Take Archery Laser Bowplane 2

    By Barry O'Regan – Bohning Staff Shooter

    I had the opportunity to buy a used DoubleTake Archery Bowplane Laser 2 This being a 2008 model.

    Like many of us, trying to set your bow up after a new string or equipment install such as sights and rests usually results in making adjustments and dialing in you bow.

    My forte is shooting and not spending time in trial and error bow tuning, unless completely necessary, say for a tournament.

    Using the Double Take Archery Bowplane 2 laser, once installed, adjustments only take minutes. A good idea to perform minor adjustments before you head out to the range.

    Before the advent of laser tuning devices for bows, most of us would most likely spend an hour or two at the range watching your arrows hitting all over the target as you try and correct your sights (Left to Right) and your rests (left to right, up and down marks).

    The Double Take Archery Bowplane Laser is placed like an arrow onto the bowstring and then it extends onto the rest. The laser automatically hits all the fixed points, such as your cam and bowstring. Once these points are established by the laser beam, adjustment of the sights and rest take minutes to accomplish.

    One feature I like is the Bowplane laser will show if the alignment of your sight and rest is aligned directionally with your stabilizer. That is a plus for me when shooting FITA shoots. Directionally meaning the laser line is straight alongside your stabilizer and not lining away from your stabilizer.

    One downside to this Bowplane 2 Laser is the lack of an "on/off switch".

    Once you put the AAAA batteries (That's right AAAA batteries, usually found in the Camera section of stores) and place the end cap back on, the laser instantly turns on, so care must be taken to turn the laser light away from you when installing the batteries, burnt retinas are no fun.

    To turn off the Bowplane 2 laser you must remove the end capand take out one battery, you can leave the other 3 batteries inside the Bowplane 2 laser.


    While the Bowplane 2 much like your arrow, broadheads and other archery accessories. The Bowplane is an awesome tuning aid, but best keep it locked up with your firearms and treat it as such. "IT IS NOT A TOY! KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN~"!

    Below are photos of this awesome tuning product every archer should have in his archery kit.

    Setting up your bow

    Here is the Bowplane 2 Laser alignment setup for your bow.

    This will at least allow you a more accurate setup and alignment before doing your minute adjustments at the range.

    As you can see, the laser automatically shows the alignment of fixed points such as your cams and bowstrings, alignment then can be done to your rest and sight to ensure they align to the laser beam positioned over the correct sight and rest mark.

    For finger shooters, the rest and sight locations will have to be adjusted just to the left about 1/4 inch or less of the laser beam for right handed shooters and to the right for left handed shooters.

    One great aspect is once setup and alignment has been accomplished, any errant arrows if spined properly at the target may indicateyour shooting form needs improving as the laser alignment, done correctly doesn't lie.

    Bowplane 2 Laser

    The Bowplane 2 Laser how to aligning your bows fixed points such as string, peep and cam alignment

    The other photos show how to adjust your rest and sights.
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