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    Default Hamskea Curing your 3rd Axis of Evil

    By Barry O'Regan - Bohning Pro Field Staff


    How many of us take it for granted our new sight is turnkey and ready to shoot out of the box? I know I did!
    Most likely 90% of archers, whether shooting target, 3D or hunting take it as gospel.

    Gospel soon runs out of prayer when many who are shooting various distances, including uphill and downhill find they miss the 3D X spot or the FITA target or Game animal entirely. Some blame it on the their shooting stance, broadheads, vanes, arrows or the bow, the excuses can be endless. Perhaps one reason may be that out of the box bow sight could be the culprit.

    A missed shot when hunting game, lost scores in field shooting and 3D shoots may be attributed to your sights' axis. Hunters using Broadheads or shooting uphill or downhill in rough terrain will certainly understand why a getting your Axis sight planes bang on is important.

    Hamskea have developed a 3rd Axis tool to cure your 1st ,2nd and 3rd "Axis of Evil" issues where other axis sight tuning developers left off. Hamskea even supply a How to DVD for a minimal charge.

    The HAMSKEA Archery Solutions Easy Third Axis Level™

    The Hamskea easy 3rd Axis level will enable even the novice archer to adjust their target and hunting sight for 1st, 2nd and 3rd axis. This is vital in order to achieve the maximum accuracy for any shot angle and distance. Without your axis adjusted correctly, your impact point will vary depending on the severity of the shot angle and distance.

    The Easy Third Axis Level™ is easy to use as it mounts to your sight's vertical sight bar (for target sights) or to the riser's sight window (for hunting sights) with the non-marring nylon tipped thumb screw. It has a hard anodized finish and comes with a carrying drawstring pouch.

    The great thing about the Hamskea Axis level is it fits in the palm of your hand and can slip easily in your pocket for a quick re-check of your sights axis plane and alignment in the field if your sight gets bumped or jostled around when wearing sling bow quivers or another archer bumps your sight when placing their bow next to yours in the club bow rack.

    Best you use a pro pod device and keep your bow away from the rest of the archery pack.

    Other Axis tuning sight products

    Other Axis tuning sight products require you to bolt their Axis tuners to the tabletop. These tabletop Axis Tuning models are a fixed static (stationary) design, and to tune your sight it must be performed on a tabletop. Somehow leveling your sights for the correct axis and accuracy on a tabletop does not make great hunting kit, unless you're hunting for chairs!

    Why you need to cure your Axis of Evil for Accuracy

    A hunting or target sight needs to be affixed to your bow if you are to have any chance at getting an accurate determination of all three axis planes. This is especially important when making uphill and downhill shots or shooting at distances farther than 20 yards.

    I will show how to set up both your Target sight and fixed pin Hunting sight, including how to photos.

    Once the sight three axis planes are level, the next step is to raise and lower your bow and compare the alignment of the bows sight bubble with the Hamskea sight bubble. Both bubble positions should be identical and centred.

    The next step is to install the threaded Hamskea alignment tool into the Hamskea 3rd Axis tool.

    Once done, you will then place your bow under dynamic force (with your Hamskea 3rd axis sight and alignment tool still attached) by drawing back your bow, then looking down the Hamskea alignment sight pin where you can verify the sight alignment by first aiming at a fixed vertical line and then raise and lower bow along the same vertical fixed point. This will ensure your up and down sight alignment at full draw is centred and accurate.

    If the Hamskea alignment tool on your sight does not vary, your sight alignment and axis plane are bang on accurate for any distance shots as well as those uphill and downhill shots.

    The attached photos and instructions I provide will show you how to cure your three axis of evil.

    Tools you'll need

    To begin you will need a bow vice.

    Axis leveling tools you will need:

    a) Hamskea Archery Solutions | Archery Accessories
    B) 36 inch Straight Edge Carpenter level
    c) A small 45 degree Carpenter steel square

    Optional Tools to use

    R.S. Archery Products Tuning Levels. (Optional, but great for verifying the bows axis too!)
    Double Take Archery Laser BowPlane2
    Beer or Soda Can and Snacks (it's nice to have a tasty refreshing beverage on hand).
    Attached Images Attached Images
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