Photo's to follow as soon as the link is up.

I shot the NFAS National Championships this weekend. Animal faces (Delta and Martin mostly). We score differently and rather than go into details, I'll just say that a spot is worth 24 points and is only scored on the first arrow. The Nats are a two day shoot and so this was my 3rd and 4th time out after a two years, work enforced break from archery, so I'm pretty happy with my results.

All distances are unmarked and the closest shot over the two days was 8 yards, with the longest around 55 yards.

Classes UL= Unlimited (release aid and unlimited sights / stabs) CL= Compound Limited (finger release, 5 pin sight) and BH = Bowhunter (finger release, no sights) are all compounds, the rest of the classes are recurve (inc Xbow).

Around 430 entries this year, with entries for this champ going down year on year where the entries for the National 3D Championship are going up!

Oh and it's worth noting that the results were posted on line BEFORE I got home, and I only live 1 1/4 hours drive from the shoot!

AFB = American Flat Bow (longbow), BB = Barebow, HT = Hunting Tackle (wooden arrows only). FS = Freestyle (bells and whistles recurve FITA style), LB = Long Bow (English Long Bow), PV = Primitive ( like it says) and XB = Crossbow.

Apart from Xbow and Freestyle, all the other classes do not allow sights and all the recurve classes are finger release.