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Thread: Field points vs broad heads

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    Ricky WV

    Default Field points vs broad heads

    I know this is bad to do, but I haven't been keeping up on shooting this year during the off season from hunting. In the past month or so I've been getting back in the swing and shooting about 2 times a day. I finally got around to installing my brand new Cobra Sidewinder sight. I have it all set and hitting good up to 30 yards. At 40 yards I start to struggle. I'm blaming it on nothing else but the fact that I didn't shoot for months.

    Anyway, I'm shooting broadheads right now. I'm finding them to be quite expensive in my ways.
    1) They are destroying my McKenzy 3D target. Luckily I have a replaceable insert model, but it's still tearing it up.
    2) I'm cutting the vanes on the arrows all the time.
    3) When I happen to try a long shot and miss, the broad heads that break are starting to get expensive also.

    The reason I'm not shooting field tips is for the simple reason that I don't want to have to resight the bow in for field tips now, and then have to switch back over the broad heads in a month or two and have to change the sight once again.

    I just wanted to know what you all thought of this and maybe some possible solutions that you other guys do.

    By the way I'm shooting a Martin Jaguar Magnum with a Cobra Sidewinder sight. My arrows are Beman ISC Hunter 500's cut at 26'' tipped with Muzzy 125gr 3 blade broadheads.


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    1) If your set your mind to shooting broadheads use some styro foam as a target.

    2) shoot 1 arrow at 1 spot and then #2 at another spot and so on, or shoot 1 arrow and pull and re shoot.

    3) i never has a muzzy break. What are you hitting when you miss< block wall?

    You can get field points the same weight as your heads, and they should hit pretty close to one another if your bow is well tuned.

    I hope this helps.

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    Ricky WV


    I have my 3D target leaning up against an old tree stump that itself is on its side. So when I'm missing the arrow 9 times out of 10 is going into dirt, and there is no damage. Every now and then it will hit a piece of the root. The tip will get stuck and actually what breaks is the threaded part on the very end of the tip.

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    If your field tips aint hitting where your broadheads do then you need to tune your bow and adjust your rest and make sure your arrows are spining right. When your done that bare shaft tune it then shoot broadheads and get them in the same spot by minutely adjusting your rest. Then just sight in for your field tips and a week before your gona hunt check to see if the broadheads are still hittin on which they should. I only shoot my broadheads at targets a few times and stricktly use field points. If you want broadheads that will definatly hit in with the others I would get some Crimson Talons or raptors and put some helical in your vanes for stabilization.

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    Default Re:

    I can tell you that I've hunted with all style of broadheads over the years and can certainly tell you that any commercially purcahsed broadhead is sharp enough for a clean, quick kill. So if money is your thing, then buy the cheapest ones out there-buy a dozen and shoot away. If accuracy is the issue then use mechanicals, as even though I had them fail to open (i.e. buckblasters and vortex), they still proved to kill if striking a vital area. Also try a heavy, spinning broadhead like the old school razorbak 5's (only available on ebay now); no matter how outta tune my bow was, the heavy spinning head always seemed to be stable. Food for thought.

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    I have had excellent results with the G5 Montec practice broadheads. The Montec flies just like my field tips.


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    Default Broadheads...

    I shoot a very similar set-up, with a short draw length, 125gr broadheads, etc.
    I had a heck of a time sighting in broadheads, and went through 6 different brands (including muzzy) before I found a broadhead that flew true with my set-up.
    I found that no matter what I crank my poundage up to, or how I tuned the bow (i.e. - new sight/new rest/no-peep, etc), I finally found that American Broadhead Company makes a Sonic broadhead in 125gr that flies in the very same hole as my field points. They also make a Liberty and a Buckmasters, but I haven't tried those. Once I found what works for me, I quit looking.
    I also liked the price of 'em. They were about $40 but you get 6 broadheads instead of just 3, so I can fill my quiver in one shot instead of buying two packs of the other kinds.
    That way, I just normally use my field tips, and don't have to re-sight for broadheads. I do shoot a few broadheads before I head out hunting, just to be sure- but they always do the job for me.

    Of course, all the above is strickly my own opinion. Your mileage may vary.

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