Hi Everyones

I write to you (Martin Technician and Archery Cognoscenti People) because I REALLY need help

I want to rebuilt the old Martin Cougar II MT-6 Bow that my father had when I was young

He Truly liked this model and was one of his prefered bow

My father Died last year and I want to rebuilt this very old bow

I have found all the parts I need from several archery shop around the United States

the part that I have searched a LOTS in order to found them is the wheels !!!

I remember that my father prefered to shoot WITHOUT using a cables Guard

I have made a LOTS of research in order to found that ONLY a SPECIFIC type of Martin Wheels
can allow this!

I have FINALLY found a set of theses Aluminium Wheels

but now , the complex part :

theses wheels have TWO type of holes (too attach them on the wood limbs with steel rod\steel circlip)


**Please Refer to the Digital Photo included in this Thread**

The Longuer difference is extremely slight , But I presume it affect something on the cables setting\Draw Lenght\Weight

Im a 6'3" guy with very long arms

Please , could someone can explain to me the difference (in use) between the two holes (long & short)
and what will be the BEST SUITED Hole to choose for me

I hope that someone will be able to answer me on this question

You can reply here or directly via PM

Waiting for your Help Guys!!
Martin Aluminium Wheels.JPG