Hi, guys.
I am a newbie at archery. Just target shooting with my two grown sons. I picked up this used set up and took it to Fin, Feather, Fur to have the draw length shortened. They were very helpful but said that I need to replace something to adjust the draw. The one wheel has a "7" on it. Reading through some of the other posts, I have learned enough to get myself into trouble. The draw now is about 30" and I would like it to be about 28". What number wheels do I need and can I still get them? Can I change them myself? What year is this bow?martin bow 001 (800x599) (800x599).jpgmartin bow 002 (800x599).jpgmartin bow 006 (599x800).jpg

Thanks for any info you can pass my way. Sorry about not including all that technical stuff, but I don't know what any of it means.