...I got my first deer with my Warthog tonight...41 yards away, complete passthrough. The deer ran 25 yards and died...It was a nubbin buck, not too proud of that, but hey, a deer is a deer, and with the weather we have been getting in Central WI so far, I am happy with that...Arrow was a Easton 400 FMJ, with an 85 grain Magnus Buzzcut 4 blade...pulling 64 lbs, 28" draw.
The best part-The deer was slightly quartering too...hit right behind shoulder, and exited out the hind quarter...passthrough, lots of blood....
I dont see how people track deer close to 200 yards when hit with a mechanical before they find it, and they are pleased with that. I shoot a broadhead that has about a 1" cut, and this deer went 25 yards...in fact, of all my deer shot with a bow, this deer went the farthest...and this deer hardly knew what hit it.

Their is a place for mechanical heads in this world...but they belong in a turkey, where you dont want a passthrough.

Just a little bit of my opinion...Shoot straight my friends