Spent the last couple days trying to get my broad heads to fly with my field points. After a lot of frustration, I finally realized... I am an idiot. I 2 arrows to be sure they were hitting in the same spot. Took the field point off 1 and put a broad head on it. Shot both arrows, and moved the rest accordingly. I got left to right cleared up and then could not get the high and low to clean up. I was hitting 1 - 2 inches low with the broad head. So today I realize, I have read a lot about people nock tuning. So I give it a try. No matter what I did, I could not get rid of that 1 - 2 inch gap. So this is where I realize, I am shooting 2 different arrows. The broad headed arrow is my new Victory VForce with helical fletches. The field tip arrow is my old CX300 with straight fletches. I shoot a couple more shots with the broad head, and it is hitting right where I am aiming, just low and left about a 1/2 inch. I can live with that. I take the broad head off and put the field point on and don't I put the field point in the target, touching the hole I just pulled the broad head out of. I shoot a few more times to be sure I didn't just have dumb luck and kept hitting the same spot.
Since this is with my new arrows, which I bought to hunt with, I try to nock tune the CX arrow and see if I can make it hit where my Victory's are. I spun that nock all the way around. No luck, still 1 - 2 inches high. I read a thread the other day about shooting cock vane up and down. I try shooting it cock vane down and it ends up touching the shaft of the Victory. So I try again and both shafts are touching (20 yards). I figure with my luck, 3 is the charm and I am going to break something so I quit. I took out 4 new arrows that I had not shot yet, and used the nock tuning to get all 4 of them hitting in the same place as the arrow I used with the broad head. All 5 arrows are now hitting in the same place.
Last year this would not have been a thought in my mind that I could do this. Thanks to all the members here who have shared info to make this possible. Last year was my first year, and I just moved my sight to the broad head. But now I am pretty excited to know that not only do my filed points and broad heads hit the same spot, but I did it myself.