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    Well I took my bow for a walk this September. I saw deer every day of the hunt and most of the time they were bucks. I did have a chance at a real nice buck on the first day but I blew it big. I walked up on three bucks, two ten pointers and a fork horn. One of the tens had a short but wide rack and the other was narrow but tall. The deer saw me before I saw them and the fork horn broke to my right and then behind me. The wide ten pointer broke left and the tall one went straight away from me.

    I was greedy and followed the deer that went left. I stalked him to about 40 yards. He was standing broadside. I know my limmits and I am not the most comfortable at this range. I decided to back off and then try to get closer. I used some juniper trees as cover and sure enough I made it to about 30 yards away. This I can do for sure. I was sure I was about to get my first bow kill. I started to step out to get a shot but then the shakes came hard. I had to sit behind the tree for a few minutes and relax. The adrenaline was flowing so hard I was breathing fast and shaking.

    Well I composed myself and decided to step out and see if the deer was still there. Sure enough, he was there at 30 yards and quartered away a tiny bit. It couldn't be more perfect. The deer was watching me but he didn't care that I was there as long as I moved slowley. I lifted my bow and drew just as the deer jumped and ran. I never even got to release the arrow. What a rush anyway.

    A couple days later it dawned on me what happened. I brought my bow up and drew so fast I scared that deer and he took off. I should have brought it up slow and then drew my arrow. I think he would have let me do it if I moved slower. Live and learn. I had a blast anyway.

    In New Mexico, we get to hunt again in January if you were unsuccessful in September. I know where I will sit and it will be during the rut. I hope I have as much fun I as did this month. It was a great hunt.
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