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Thread: Missed Chance

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    Quote Originally Posted by bfisher View Post
    I don't think I could have said anything better than what Hawg posted. If you're like me this is one you'll remember even after you give up hunting some day. It's not the kill that is important so much as the thrill of the hunt. Better luck next time.

    I am sure I will always remeber this hunt. Just thinking about the stalk and how it played out brings an adrenaline rush everytime. This was one of my most memorable hunts but I seem to say that just about every year after every hunt. However, I hope I do not have to give up hunting or fishing for that matter, anytime soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaverd View Post
    I do not have any finger pinch and it shoots smooth. I shoot with three fingers under and it seems to work great. Before this bow, I had been shooting long bows. This is my first recurve and I am amazed how fast it is. Also there is no hand shock. It's a dream to shoot compared to my long bows. I never realized I was experiencing so much hand shock until I shot this bow.

    That Fury looks to be in beautiful condition for being so old. Has it always had a rest or have you ever shot off of the shelf. I recently made an arrow rest for my Hi-Speed and my shot patern has become much better.
    Yes, its always had a rest on it, and when it was in the woods, it always had limb socks on, and always held in loving hands. The bow looks like that from tip to tip, almost like it was never shot, but shes had at least 20 strings on her, yeah, I DID baby that bow! Still shots like she did the first evening I picked her up.
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