Ok, so I went to Macks Prairie wings for their wings over the prairie festival this weekend. I had planned on getting some duck hunting gear. I happened to swing by the archery department and saw that they had two Martin Firehawks marked down from $500 to $199!! I didnt know anything about this bow and I had never shot one but I had to buy it. In fact I had planned on selling it or maybe giving it to my hunting buddy that is looking for a hunting bow. I didnt have time to let them set it up so I brought it home and slapped an old whisker biscuit on it, tied on a loop and peep, bought an AXT sight and a NAP Apache stab, and had this little thing shooting bullet holes in a matter of a few arrows. The bow is NOT what I usually shoot. It is a very short 29 3/4 ATA but only after shooting it all weekend and today I can honestly say this thing is a shooter!!! It has a smooth draw, very quick, and quiet. I cant believe how sweet this bow is and it is now MY hunting bow. I decided to keep it and promote it to my number one hunting bow. The short ATA will be awesome in a treestand and I am shooting lights out with it out to 55yds. I havent tried any further yet as that is usually as far as I go anyway.

Martin did a phenomonal job with this bow even though it never caught on. I suspect the similar design and popularity of the Firecat did the Firehawk in but I wouldn't trade this one for a Firecat at all. Cant wait to chrono it. I am shooting Gold Tip XTs, Muzzy 100gr Muzzy MX-3s. Anyway here are the mandatory pics.
I hope to have some with a nice buck next week!