I recently received this Book. I have a 1970's Browning Recurve that I had some strings recently made for it. My father bought it in the 70's while he was in the navy but never hunter with it. He killed a few beer cans but that's about it. It's been laying around under my bed collecting dust. I cleaned it all up and put the new string on but being a compound shooter, I don't know the basics about Traditional Shooting and everything else that goes with it. Simple things like terms used in Trad shooting to the Equipment and of course shooting the bow. This book is great. It covers Equipment Fundamentals, Equipment setup, Shooting Form, Common errors and how to correct them, Tuning the bow and Arrow. A detailed view of Bows, Arrows, Fletching, bowstrings. making the shot- Aiming, back tension, breathing and related topics. Variations in Techniques, Physical Fitness and Archery- the mental Game. He also talks about the Golden age of Archery and the life and legacy of Earl Hoyt Jr, The father of modern Olympic Archery. So if your like me, a newbie to trad shooting...Check this book out. The Author is Anthony Camera, Shooting The StickBow.