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Thread: Whats a fare price?

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    Default Whats a fare price?

    I have a 2007 Martin Cougar lll, Nitrous B cams with the shoot through mods on it. It is camo with the Elite limbs. I belive the poundage ranges between 55-70 and the DL adjusts 28-31".
    I am going to sell this bow to help fund my trip to the 2012 World Archery Festival in Feb.
    I alm going to list this bow everyplace I can find and need to know what a fare asking price would be.
    The bow is in real good condition. Sence this pic was taken I have installed the factory cable rod and slide.
    I won my class in the Ca. State 900 Championships last year-2010.
    Thanks for any help on this.
    Don.Picture 028.jpg
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    i sold mine starting at 100 on ebay and it sold for 175, same model, great bow- good luck with the sale!

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