I've got a 5 week old Martin Exile, and today while I was at the range on the last target I noticed that my string had broken.

I would think that a string should last about a year, and not just 5 weeks. This is the factory string.

I've read the warranty on the bow it it pretty much categorically states that string isn't covered, but there has to be some kind of problem with the string for it to have broken in such a short time.

The bow has lived in a hard bow case and only come out for a few shoots totalling about 800 arrows.

Am I totally our of luck with a warranty replacement on this kind of thing? To me it seems to be a faulty part. To be out of pocket for a new string only weeks after purchasing the bow seems a bit wrong.

I have attached a photo of the broken string for reference.

Any advice you can give would be great