Hello. I have and old M-41 Cougar Speed-Flite that I just dearly love. I had a pro-shop special order it back in 1993, with the wooden recurve limbs, and Speed-Flight wheels specifically to shoot with fingers. I have never cast an arrow from a compound bow that was better looking, more silky-smooth to draw, with absolutely zero shock after release...and just an all around pleasure to shoot! Suffice to say, I am very fond of it, even though she's a hefty beast by today's standards, and I see little reason to replace it. However, there is a problem...over the years I've been quite lax about turning down the poundage in the off season, and as a result those wonderful wood limbs have steadily lost poundage. I ordered it with a 65-80lb. draw weight; now, nearly 20 years later, the peak, measured draw weight is 59lbs.
I know it's a long shot, but might their possibly be some NOS limbs for this bow gathering dust in a dark corner somewhere? I posed this question to Martin, but while I'm waiting on a reply I thought I would ask around in the Tech Forum. Of course I would love to have a duplicate set like the ones that came on it, but to keep from having to retire it I would go for fiberglass, in whatever color is out there. As I understand it from reading the forums, limbs from some other models may indeed fit on my riser, and I would be open to this, also. Is there perhaps a company, or enterprising individual out there making custom, one-off limb sets? Or do I just have to accept the fact that the old girl has reached the end of her life? Please say it isn't so!
As an aside, is it safe to shoot with the original limbs, seeing as how they are more than 5lbs. under spec? Thanks in advance for your consideration. Any suggestions will be gladly accepted.