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Thread: Old Cougar - is it time to put her down? Please say it isn't so!

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    Could Dave Barnsdale match the looks of you old Cougar limbs? Rather like the idea of building a Frankencurve. And I'm sure Dave could make the limbs to do so. I've seen lots of other Frankenbows, but most where cam changes, not compound to recurve. But then, for half the dough for a new bow, the old girl would be sportin new limbs and shooting harder than ever, probablly with less poundage, which even an aging jarhead's shoulder would apprecite. I know I wish that I'd taken better care of my shoulder when I was 40!
    This is called a Warf, not sure what a Star Trek character has to do with converting a compound to a recurve, apperntly the guy who started doing this had big boxer ( dog, not a prizefighter) named Warf and thats what Bob called his conversions.

    As I said earlier I liked the idea of a Frankencurve, and when I followed Magnus777's link to the Pirates of Archery thread and saw a Lynx warf, I took another look at the old Lynx Magnum my neighbor had given me, after a rat had chewed a hole into his plastic case and did what rats do, which left a lot of corrosion behind, especially on the cams? or wheels....

    So I tore it down and striped the riser of the old black and brown camo paint job, and am now looking for a set of ILF limbs. Gonna give thise a try, so Thanks Sledge for directing me to another way to enjoy this wonderfull sport we call archery.

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