hey guys,
there was a thread on AT earlier this week about the economy and how bad it is for people. it turned into a thread titled "Hunters Helping Hunters". the goal is to get beginners and seasoned archers/bowhunters into the woods so they can provide food for their families in this poor economy. people all over the country are losing jobs and homes and as somewhat of a sidekick to "Sportsmen against Hunger" and "Hunters for the Hungry","Hunters Helping Hunters" is yet another way we can help the less fortunate. I realize some are in the same position as a lot of others. but it doesn't take much to help someone out.

Maybe there's a sight,or a rest,or a few arrows just sittin around collecting dust in your closets or on your work benches. why not donate these items in the interest of promoting our sport? Please help if you can in any way. thanks guys. and also,if you frequent other forums,run a link to the thread and lets make this huge.