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Thread: Gator Vanes introduces Gator Feathers.

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    Default Gator Vanes introduces Gator Feathers.

    Louie Rangle, the designer of the Gator Vanes is now ready to release his feathers to the open market.
    My wife and I along with a select few have been shooting his products for the last 2 years helping him with feedback on the products, and I have to say they are one of the best archery innovations to come out in a long time.
    The feathers will come 18 to a pack and they are 6" long consisting of 6-1" segments and 1/2" tall.
    These are the only fletching that can be custom tuned to your shooting demands.
    They will be priced at $20 per pack and come in a multitude of colors.
    Here is Louie's e-mail address for more
    Picture 376.jpgPicture 335.jpgPicture 626.jpg
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