well, i finally got to bed around 2am after packing and loading all my gear for the days hunt. checked,double checked and checked again. alarm set for 5am. i wake up ready to rock at 4:40am so i just get up and shut the alarm off so the wife doesn't have to get up on her only day to sleep past 6am. i have my first pot of coffee done by 5:30 so i let my dogs out and and check yet again that i have everything i'll need. got it. let the dogs back in,get dressed,go warm the car up on this cold opening day(upper 30's but no frost as was forecasted and barely any wind),and do yet another check. yup,got it all. butterflies in my stomach,i happy pee(not my pants)before heading off to the woods. I was so freakin excited this morning. more so than the last few years. i jump in the car and make the 20 mile drive to the only stand i had set up(arriving at 6:30am.full shooting light 30min away.Woo Hoo!) get out of the car and grab my gloves,hat and coat,strap on my pack,get out my ladder sticks and went to grab the bow. S.O.B! I forgot the only thing I REALLY needed! didn't get pissed at all. was literally laughing at my stupidity all the way home and even called my little brother to share in the humor. i get home and grab the bow,knowing that by the time i make it back to my stand i'd mess somebodys hunt up and didn't want to do that. so i opted to hunt the public land across the rd.

i make the 300yrd hike to where i wanted to be and was worn out from the flu. i sit a stand that i happened upon til 9am watching squirrels and got bored with that. so i climb down and happy pee again(not in my pants) and realize i shouldn't have drank that whole pot of coffee. i decide to walk the creek bottom to a stand of oaks that has some nice downfalls perfect for the last minute ground blind. i round the bend in the creek,30yds til my chosen downfall(previously hunted squirrel out of it) and i see a squirrel. WAIT. that aint no squirrel. was a deer scratching itself.COOL! i watch for a few minutes. its a little spike. i sneak towards him while he's feeding away from me. then i see 2 more deer with him. a 4 and a 6pt. things just got a little tougher. i was about 80yds at the first sighting closed the gap to around 60. 3 young bucks never knew i was there. they continue feeding on the acorns. i stay in line with the trees and slowly stalk them. took about 30min to stalk another 20yds closer. wind shifts,4pt starts looking around,then continues feeding calmly. i stalk another few feet before im out of cover in these oaks. from there on its just saplings and 4" dia trees between me and the 3 deer. its in the deers hands now. so i watch. keeping track of all 3 so i didnt move wrong and blow the whole thing. the little spike turns a 180* and heads straight at me. all i could do was get as tight as i could to the tree. thought for sure it was over. he passes mere feet away from me and bolts w/o making a sound. the four point lifts his tail had cautiously walk to the fiels edge and disappears while the 6pt just standing there wondering what the problem is. takes a few more bites and turns on the same path the spike was on heading straight for me,but instead of jumping the downed branch,walkes around it. he stops looking at the spike that is now feeding across the creek. the 6pt starts his move again and walks behind a downfall. so i draw the mace,having toget the bow between a tree and a sapling that has sprouted off it. with my quiver on my vanes were catching while i'm at 3/4 draw. i have to stand to get full draw. slowly i stand while still drawing. the 6pt now at 23yds walking broadside,still watching the spike. he gets between 2 trees and i give my best doe bleat and he stops. the arrow goes and i hear the solid hit and he runs off.

i saw the arrow hit bout 3" behind th left shoulder. but i see something strange. my orange nock flying off to the side. ???. the buck runs out of sight. i listened but couldnt hear anything from the wind rustling the leavies. i slowly walk over to where the buck was standing. no blood,no arrow. CRAP! i saw the arrow hit exactly where my pin was. i heard that solid smack. where's the blood and the arrow? i walk around in semi circles along the small ridge above the creek. finally i found good blood. wanting to give the deer more time,i follow the blood backwards trying to recover my arrow. i did find my nock. 8ft from the nearest blood and 10yds behind where the deer was standing upon impact.??? now I'm really confused. so i got back on the blood thinking the arrow was still in the deer. but didn't think it could be with the amount of blood iwas seeing. screw it! with that much blood the deer is down. no doubt in my mind. following the blood trail,i come the the bank of the creek. i pull an arrow from my quiver and toss it to the opposite bank so i know where to pick up the trail after finding a place to cross. crossed the creek continued the trail and there it is. in a thick stuff,of course. about 50 yds from where i shot him. BUT no arrow! No exit wound either.??? but ALOT of blood. carefully i gutted the deer thinking the BH end of the arrow might still be inside. NOPE. not there??? deer gutted,now i really check things out. shattered ribs on entry side,pierced both lungs and shattered ribs on opposite side. direct rib hits! no in betweens. but no exit wound. Ive NEVER had this happen. never have i shot a der and had no exit wound,no recovered arrow,only the nock, and a sufficiently dead deer within 50yds. IDK what to make of it. but dead is dead. proof is in the double lung pudding. enjoy the pics