thanks guys. flubbed a shot on a 9pt this afternoon. lol. complete miss,thankfully. decided to go back to where i shot that one to recover my arrow(found the half w the ST 8 ft from where he dropped). on the way i get 20yds into the creek bottom after my 100yd yd walk across the field and the coffee hit me. so i stop to take a leak. a doe jumps out 10 yds away on the opposite side of the creek while im peeing. she didnt offer a shot and went into the other field,so i finish peeing. just as im gettin my junk put away,out comes the 9pt. so i freeze. he's at 8yds maybe. so im standing there with this buck damn near in spitting distance and i stuck motionless with my pants not even buttoned yet and my bow on the ground against a tree. he finally after bout 7min turned enough for me to grab my bow and get an arrow nocked(still w unbuttoned pants). he turned and starts back toward me so i draw and he shot. so i hold at full draw for what seemed like an hour but was prolly bout 2min. while im at full draw and the buck now at 10yds facing me wide open,my pants start falling down. so i slowly ease my right leg back to try to keep them on as i got the bottom cam resting on my knee,still holding at full draw and the buck just standing there staring through me like i was invisible. he starts to walk away and i finally was able to let down when his head went behind a tree. i pull my pants back up as far as i could before he started looking at me again. im all set now except my pants still arent buttoned. im re positioned and ready to take a shot if given one. sweet! the buck turns broadside at 15yds and stops to browse,vitals fully exposed,i draw back... i was to close to the damn tree and couldnt swing the bow far enough right at FD to get the shot i wanted. CRAP!so i slowly ease my right leg back and try to pivot enough to get double lung. so far so good...pants fall down again and i snag some scrub brush with my quiver,buck hears it starts staring again,my hearts pounding through my chest,still at full draw. FINALLY he starts feeding again on scrubs. never changed position,vitals still wide open. i make one last adjustment and the scrub that was caught on my quiver snaps,getting the bucks attention...again. but at least this time im at full draw,anchored, pin in the crease of his shoulder, deer watching on high alert,i take one last deep breath to calm my nerves,and release. the bastard dropped a good 10" at the shot,arrow sails off to no man's land.

i checked for blood and my arrow for 45min and found nothing. i knew i would cuz i saw him drop like a rock and clearly watched as my flo yellow fletchings disappear into the swamp.

tonights hunt. saw an owl scoop up a squirrel. thought that was pretty cool