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Thread: Another Martin Cheetah success story!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pizzadave View Post
    Thanks guys for all the positive replies.... I don't dare post it on archery talk. I'd be sure to get some douchebag responses on his size. I was a little disappointed at first..... he seemed a bit larger in the low light, but I'm happy... after he was field dressed he weighed 130 lbs.... and we boned it out immediately due to to 80 degree weather... all said and done with nothing but good meat we had 62 lbs going into the freezer.
    Congratulations on the deer. This is why we hunt anyway right? to put meat in the freezer.
    Of course if you wanted to put it on AT, just change the story so you ended up shooting him 70 yards on a dead run, double lung pass through
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    Congratulations Dave, nice buck. It's always nice to put something in the freezer!
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