I am the lucky owner of a brand new 2006 Slayer Xtreme. I had my first Xtreme shot this Saturday, and it just felt great.
Since 1993 I had a Cougar Speed Flite hanging on my wall wanting to use it some day, and in November 2004 I took it down and entered the local archery club. During last winter and this summer I found that the sport was just me. I also found that the bow compared with todays designs and tech spec's was a bit outdated hoping to find the money for a newer bow some day. And only a month ago, just after the release of the 2006 models, I was able to buy a new bow. With the help of Don from Archery Sport USA I now have the Slayer Xtreme next to me. What a thrill to shot with. No vibration, silent and providing steady shots ..... just perfect. My sincere admiration for the design and functionallity.