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Thread: What would you like to see from Martin in 2012?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcriner View Post
    I would love to see the following:

    1. Keep the heritage names...Cougar, Bengal and Firecat
    2. Return to anodized target finishes...flat black, red, emerald green and gold (Martin's corporate colors)
    3. New X cams with smooth draw but hard wall made for the Shadowcat for a return to Martin indoor dominance of the '80s and '90s
    4. New Warthog spec bow around 35-36" with true IBO of 350 for the speed nuts
    5. New single cam with no hump but more aggressive design to get speeds in the 335s
    6. Barnesdale LImbs
    7. better QC to have all bows tuned and in spec when they leave with speed and spec tag on it
    8. all bows measured with IBO specs when they leave based on a loop and not just naked string
    9. all film dip finishes should be have a hard clear duracoat finish applied
    10. stainless steel or chrome plated hardware for all tournament finishes like the old chrome of the '80s
    11. get away from the film dip carbon finish limbs. Replace them with high gloss metal flake silver or black with a durable clear coat finish and bright, full color logos under the duracoat.

    That is it. Not too much on my list. :-)

    Seems like some really great ideas to me. I especially like:
    #2. The best looking bows Martin ever made, IMO, were in that beautiful green and gold, with the wood accents!
    #7. This is an issue w/ Martin that I keep seeing over, and over. Most of the complaints go on to say that Martin makes bows that shoot well...after some at-home tweaking. The problem is, other than a possible draw length adjustment, a customer shouldn't have go through the bow adjusting strings and cables, cam synch, etc., not after paying that much for your new bow. It certainly would be enough to give a first time customer a bad experience.
    #10. Satin stainless, or optional high polish, would for all intents and purposes eliminate the hard-part corrosion problems, as well as look great!


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    Just after Savage bought out Bowtech, the quality of the finish went through the floor, with orange peel paint on the limbs, and other finished just peeling off.

    I looked at a couple of new Bowtech's at a shoot on Sunday, and they have really turned this around. The limb finish is still a little delicate, and easy to chip with a bow stand, but the overall level of fit and finish is superb.

    That is where Martin need to be, with robust finishes on the hunting bows, and something a little bit special on the target / 3D bows, even if it costs a little more (as it usually does).

    I know price point is important, and currently the Shadowcat is about the best priced long ATA bow available in the UK, but another 50 would do no harm, IF the finish was just a little more classy.
    Dedicated Finger Shooter.

    Shadowcat(s) with Barnsdale limbs: Davis The System, Free Flyte rest.

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    Default I'd like to see...

    A confirmed corporate committment to improved Quality Control.....a statement that the market can get it's teeth into. Also, resurection of the Warthog super speed bow and a return to the laminated limbs that Terry Martin himself said were demonstrably superior to a solid limb......or some really technical supporting statements as to why the new solid core limbs are better.
    Martin has a name that is worth protecting with products that are of the highest quality.....I know that the market place would support just such products.

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    Default better QC

    how about a better finish on the top line bows . A return to single piece rizer better QC. The shadowcat is a world beater if it was just put together a bit better .

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