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Thanks Brad, so what sort of classes you taking..what is your goal..Cad & C.N.C ?
tool & die ?

Will , keep doing what you can an soon enough you'll be back in a blind no time... We will take you along with us on our next day afield...was going to set out some trailcam's but awoke with gout in the left foot, feals like it's broken for thouse that dont have gout... any way so no walk in to the woods from me this AM....maybe latter when the boy gets home from school..
trying to see who's moving thrugh where so I can set the wife up in a easy to drop her off spot. she cant walk far or over rough ground... So you see we are used to guiding the less agile hunter...Come on out some time... we can have that gimp shoot
Thanks ES, will do. Sounds like we could all deal with a gimp shoot and if I am ever in the area I will give ya a holler.

I think I will need one of those easy drop off locations too. It all sounds good. Hows your boy doing sounds like he is doing well.