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    Default Stalker bow sling

    As I mentioned here is more information on our Stalker bow sling.
    Our Bow Sling will carry your bow at your side, ( upside down ) moving the quiver away from your leg. It will take the load out of your hand for those long hikes up the mountain ! Yet easily swings into shooting position. Click on photo below to see video.

    An inch wide adjustable web strap runs thru the 1.75" x 7.5" Stalker's shoulder pad, made of Mini cell foam, a soft flexible closed cell foam, covered by your favorite camo and Toughtec 9000, a durable abrasion resistant, non-scuff material that retains its grip, wet or dry. Attaches to your bows riser using velcro sewn onto the webbing. The next video shows how the ease of adjusting the sling while walking. The low price of this compact sling system belies its versitilty. $30, PM me or email me at the email address on our web site to order.

    Very easy to use, just grab the bow's grip, shrug your shoulder and spin the bow around, the sling will swing to the quiver side, away from the sight. Nock an arrow and you're ready to put a stalk on the game you just spotted !
    When removed it wraps around itself and is a small light piece of gear very easy to stuff anywhere in your pack or pants pocket. Oh yeah! Please excuse the stiching seen in the following photo, this was the prototype, and I kept it, still on the bow, from its first test, yours will be much better looking.
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