i just want you all to know that i consider you friends. we all have our likes,dislikes,thoughts and opinions. and that's cool. that's what makes us individuals and the world would be a terribly boring place if we weren't individuals with our own thoughts and opinions.

it seems to me that this forum has gone from "Awesome" to "WTF is goin' on?". its gone from having a good time in archery and bowhunting and trying to get others into the sport and helping other people learn to a bitch session about the issues with Martin products,which turns to complete school-girl drama. it's just stupid the way OUR forum is going down hill as a result of people having a chip on their shoulder and running off at the mouth. do the Martin owners have the right to be upset with a product they believe(d) in when it's one problem after another? I think they do. but its how they handle their issues and the way they treat people in the process that honestly... it just pisses me off. WE,the members of the forum,didn't design,create,or manufacture any of these products. Yet attitude is tossed at each other as if we're to blame. it's stupid.

as far as I'm concerned,if you don't enjoy your Martin because of "issues" or whatever,find something you do enjoy and shoot it. WHO REALLY CARES!!? the brand you choose isn't important at all. what IS important(as far as I'm concerned) is that people are enjoying themselves in all forms of archery and hunting in general and when they decide to harvest game,they do it legally,morally,and ethically. whatever your weapon of choice(unless you shoot a Matthews and Rage's. then we dont like you. LOL j/k?)

i'll admit,it's been a huge turn off coming to the forum the last couple months and seeing the attitudes and bickering. it was something i looked forward to doing. checking in and trying to help when needed. but for a while it seemed like it was AT revisited. and even AT lately has been more civilized. i thought this forum was a better place to be because the AT-titude wasn't involved. but it sneaked in somewhere along the way.

i just want to say thanks to the Mods for trying to keep the forum clean and running strong. i hope you agree with me,but if you don't,I DON'T CARE because it doesnt matter. You're all allowed to have your own opinions regardless of how wrong you are.

i wish you all a fun,memorable,successful season.