I have 2 Shadowcats and as far as I know they are both 2010's. I bought them both used off of AT.
The first one I bought was said to have Barnsdale limbs. It has gray stripes on the sides and are marked with the number 135. It came with the 1.5 cams and maxes out at 57 pounds. The 2nd bow I bought, I think has the power tuff limbs, they have a red stripe on the sides of the limbs and are marked 3H. It came with the 2.0 cams on it. I swapped the 2.0's to a guy for a set of 1.5's. Before the swap it maxed out at 63 pounds and after the cam swap I think it would max out at around 70+.
I have it set at 57 pounds and there is a good 1/2" of gap between the riser and limb before it's maxed out. Any ideas on why this would be?
Also none of the limb numbers match anything listed on Martins site.