Like the heading says.. I went and to the range, I shot 56 targets,4 arrows at each target.
Let me tell ya, I am
My first target was a 80 yard walk up, 80-70-60-and 50 yards. My 80yd. shot was high in the spot-70yd. just right of center, but got the x. My buddy said I should stop right there...I shaould of listened...60yd. low in the 3 ring and 50yds. high right in the 3 ring.
The Prong Horn was a 60yd. walk up. The one in the leg was my 50yd shot.
These were about the average for most of my targets for the day, but there were some real bad ones that I will never admit to.....hee he.
Picture 654.jpgPicture 653.jpg