So on my first evening archery hunting I missed a really big 6 point. I was getting ready to leave, and I checked behind the stand to be sure no deer where there; and of course a six point is 10 yds behind me. It decideds to take a trail to my left, so I stood and turned around in the stand. It of course went through the thickest cover, I drew when it was nearing an opening about 25 yds away, I bleated and it stopped. With its vitals behind a tree. So I held at full draw for about a minute, which feels like 6 hours, and it took a step forward and I released. shooting through a gap in brush maybe a foot wide. Being that it was almost dark I couldnt see the arrow make contact. So I waited about 30 min got down and couldnt find blood or the arrow. Go back about 3 hours later end up finding the arrow with no blood or hair. So its a clean miss, I cant tell if he ducked the string, or I hit a branch; either way no deer. So I'm super dissapointed but also happy that I didnt wound it. At home the next day I practicied with my heavy clothes face mask and all that and it didnt cause me to shoot differently. So it was just a miss or a deflection. Had a yearling button buck at 8 yds the next day, wishing that buck had presented the same shot. oh well.