I hinted in a couple other threads I was working on this. Finally finished...or nearly so...with pictures.

To recap, my 20yo Cougar is down, for this season, anyway. I've had an '06 Orion Magnum tucked away for a few years...it was a package bow, with hard case, carbon arrows, release, the whole works, but the case took a hard hit in shipping, so I got it for cheap. Oh-oh-OH!
Originally planned on selling it, but wound up forgetting about it until a few weeks ago when I realized the Coug needs new limbs. So I decided I might as well give the wayward orphan a shot at the title. Only problem was, with the DynaCam, and cable guide rod, the string offset was causing major cam lean! I discovered this because after the first time I brought the bow to full draw, I noticed some slight abrasion on the string. Thinking, "This can't be right!", I started cruising the Interweb, and soon found out it was a pretty common problem, with only a few half-arsed solutions.
In my search, I happened upon the Tilt Tamer website...this was before I knew anything about Martin's TRG/SOS (yes, I've been out of the loop for awhile). The theory seemed sound, but the execution was lacking...I didn't like the way it looked. So I cranked up the old "Think-O-Later 9000" in preparation for some heavy pondering...but didn't want to put too hard strain on it off the line, so I let it start warming up to normal operating temperature while I went looking for some arrows.
As luck would have it, a visit to one of the big, online, archery tackle purveyors would lead me to discover the String Tamer. Now, since I was about to embark on a mission to tame my tilt, taming my string at the same time seemed like a worthwhile pursuit. But the Orion doesn't have an accesory mounting hole in the rear. What to do?
Right at that moment the TOL9000 backfired, which at first I attributed to a microwaved burrito I'd had for lunch, but the gears started grinding, and the twizzers began twizzing, and the whirlygig started...um...whirling, and I began to formulate an plan! Yes, I was on to something! So I reved'er up to about six grand on the tach, dumped the clutch, and in a cloud of smoke that strangely smelled of bacon...I got to work!

Here's what I had to start with: