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Looks like there are a lot of us old farts on here. Everybody has similar problems with different solutions. I'm 64 now and have worn glasses (near sighted) since about the age of 10. Been through the hard and soft contact thing a long time ago. I guess about 15 years ago I had RK on my eyes just like DoubleS. My eyes were good for distance, but I did need reading glasses (bifocals). Everything was good for about 7 years then my eyes started to go south. Mine actually over corrected for distance and now I'm far sighted. Then I found pins getting blurry. My solution for the blurry pins was to get rid of multipin sights and go with an HHA slider. This helped for a while, but I ended up getting a Specialty peep with a Verifer lens. #5 or #6 work equally well for me.

I checked into getting Lasik, but have been told that my corneas are too thin. I thought about going to another outfit for a second opinion, but I'll take the word of a guy that refuses to take my money just to do it. Only gettin one set of eyes so err on the conservative side.

I got new glasses in February in the hope that it would give me some added help at distance, but I just can't see through a peep with them. My eyes aren't real bad at distance, but enough that my shooting suffers a bit. Just can't aim as finely as I'd like. I got a 2X and 4X scope lens for the HHA and that helped a lot, but not completely. I do use the Verifier lens while shooting the scope, too. Somebody is going to say
"Clarifier", but the Verifier is what works the best. I've tried them all.

So now I'm left with the Verifier (scope lens or no) and shooting without my glasses. Maybe somebody will come up with a better answer someday, but with my luck it will be after I'm dead and gone. Till then I just play the hand that's been dealt to me in life. I'm sure not going to hang up the bows because I can't see. Just don't be standing too close to me on the line, though. LOL.

Sounds like you are a candidate for PRK surgery. This is specific to having thin cornea's. Check it out. I'm going in for a Lasik consult in Nov.