i picked up my alien x yesterday afternoon from the bowshop after they put new (powertuff) limbs on it. today i put all my stuff back on it and shot it back in (20yds, 30yds) when i came back into the house and started wiping off the condensation, didnt i find a sliver, about 1/2 inch long, in the middle of the bottom limb up towards the roto limb cup, where they put that martin sticker with all the info on it (bow weight, letoff %, draw length, etc). what should i do??? just glue it back down with a lil super Glue? (the sliver isnt that wide) and just keep shooting it?? or should i go back to the shop and demand another new set of limbs? i hate to be a pest, but i think that i would expect better QC from MARTIN ARCHERY. well so far all i can say is that im not a fan of these new "POWERTUFF" limbs. im really thinking of selling it and changing to a different brand, if MARTIN ARCHERY dosent get their s@%t straight.