I am really happy with it apart from a small misslead detail the seller omitted to mention. Draw length is perfect at 26'' on the M2 cam. However, questions were asked about the draw weight. Seller told me it was set to 45pounds. Humm, have the bow infront of me & the information plate is stating 55-70 pounds. When i draw the bow it feels definitly like 55 pounds.

Am I correct in assuming that this bow is only adjustable between 55-70 or can it be lowered below the 55 pound threshold? If it cannot no problem I will just have to muscle up a little.

There is already a 5mm gap between the riser & the limbs which is telling me that it may well be already set to its minimum. What is the max length that this gap can be set to before I run out of bolt thread??

All advise welcomed