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Thread: My 09 Moab pro arrived today:)

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    Great info guys. Here are all the details from the bow:

    From the Info Sticker first:

    Weight: 55 - 70 hash (note the hash symbol is not working on my keyboard)
    Draw: MP'' (set to 26'' perfect for me)
    Bow: 09
    LetOff: 80%
    Shoot: 90
    Split: 34.5

    Limb Butt Numbers:

    4M 13'' both limbs

    06/09 year of manufacture

    Bow built by Tyler Backhaus

    On the whole the draw is not too bad probably exemplified since I have never had to use the muscles I need to use to draw as yet. Will be checking the weights this weekend once the my rest arrives & the shop can then tune it to the rest.

    One thing I have noticed when i was in the shop I drew a Hoyt which was a dual cam set to 45 pounds & it did not seem half as smooth as the Moab
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    as said in other posts i would crank down the limb bolts till you are at the 70lbs draw weight and then back them out 5 full turns to reach the 55lbs mark.if it were me i would not go past 6 turns(you would be at 52 lbs on the 6th turn) just for safty and warrenty bow has 5m and is 55-70lbs,how ever i max out at 73 lbs.

    as barry said if your looking to get that 45-60lb mark try archerytalk classifieds and maybe you can find a guy who would want to swap.or post a trade limbs option on the classifieds here on of luck to ya and happy shooting

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