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Thread: How Windy Is Too Windy To Deer Hunt?

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    Default How Windy Is Too Windy To Deer Hunt?

    I planned on going hunting with my father-in-law this evening. That was until the wind started kicking up, even in a blind I don't think it would be any fun. I have heard that deer bed down if it gets too windy, not that they will blow over, but that they can't hear well so they get nervous and bed down. I'm not sure that I believe that as a blanket statement but I tend to think there is some merit to it. I mean if it has been windy for a couple days they will eventually need to get up and eat and drink.

    What I am asking is when do you say enough is enough and not even go out? I understand there are different methods of hunting and a ground blind user may endure more winds than a tree stand user. I'm thinking more along the lines that you won't waste your time because the deer will be holed up (if you believe in that).

    Feel free to make comments for your reasoning. E.G. Today the winds were 35 gusting 45 so I didn't go out. I think the deer will be laying low and I would be wasting my time.
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