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    i say 12 years ago,,i was bow hunting for the 1st time,in a place where deer was absolutely filled with!preseason i built a tree stand on a deer lane ,, cut back some bush ,, then didnt go back to the spot for 3 weeks .;.; 1st day bow season,,i see a 250pound 8pointer coming up the hill at 7.30,,but he never goes near my stand i say he was 50yards away, next 3 days the exact same thing happens,same time ,same place ,,i buy a portible tree stand move over his way,,and dont see him till december,, now its late december snowing freezing absolutely cold i am back in my original wooden tree stand built in the summer,, 8 inches of fresh snow is on the ground i am wondering what i am doing in this tree. at 10am i start to feel abit of the suns rays and look 10yards to my right they he stands smellin my foot print ,,i try to draw back but my hands are numb (the arrow falls in the snow the buck doesnt notice,,i manage to get another arrow on the rest and i fell 10 ft out of the tree landing 7 ft from this monster buck,, he looked and me eye to eye as to say"what are u doing here"he didnt jump move for 30 seconds ,,i was wondering like is he gonna fight whats his mood,, he then turned and walked slowly out of sight ,,true story

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    Lucky you didn't brealk your neck when you fell outta the tree. Bet you wear a safety harness now.

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