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    Cool Razor X Noise

    Got a small concern with a noise coming from bow when fired.Have just set up bow with sights and got it shooting nice,however,it sounds like somethings loose on the bow.Heres my set-up,Razorx single cam,70# 29in,tru-glo brite site,nap smartrest,tru-ball stinger release.Arrows,gold tip hunters xt 29 1/2 in,3x4in vanes,125 screw in field tips.Bow is shooting nice but noise is noticeable.Any body else had concerns like this??????????????It's not LOUD,but it makes you go 'whats that little noise'.It wasn't there before.

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    Well, if it wasn't there before what did you add or change? First check the module screws on the cam. Next start looking at every little thing on your accessories. Particularly the sight. Remove the sight and see if the bow is more quiet. Then check the rest. Basically remove one thing at a time till the noise goes away.

    What arrows are you shooting? Yeh, Gold Tip Hunters, but what spine?
    5575 or 7595? You should be shooting the latter.

    What string silencers are being used?

    Very seldom is the bow the problem. Noise usually comes from plastic, as in accessories. I hate plastic on a bow.

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    Cheers.I will get onto it.Arrow spine are 75/95.Leeches used for silences........

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    Found the noise. It was the self aligning peep!!!!!!!!!!! It was removed and replaced and what do you know,no strange noise.Cool,off hunting again..........

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