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    just purchased a martin monster buck hunter from dicks, it has a prong style rest, and a standard 3 pin sight. I was not happy with the bow setup at dicks and went to another dealer who really did a great job setting it up. When I got home i went to shoot it for the very first time and every shot was very high, ( couple feet), when I checked out the bow again I noticed that the rest was pointing almost vertical and my arrow was resting about 1/8 of an inch below my rest. I am a first time bow owner anyone who could offer some advice on how far down to lower my rest and how to do so I would really appreciate it. I almost forgot, I love my bow and just can't wait until i am on stand with it this fall.

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    You probably need to either lower the rest or raise the nocking point during a tuning process.

    Yeh right!!!!! What is tuning? The best way for me to answer this is for you to go to and download and print a copy of their tuning guide. This will take you through steps on how to set up a bow and several steps on how to tune one.

    Secondly, if you intend to do any shooting in the future I think it prudent to join a local club and meet some other people. Clubs always have shooters who are willing to help with such matters. You'll learn a lot and have other to share in the sport. Maybe you'll get into some local 3D shooting, too. A blast.

    Now, if all this is out of the question then you need to go back to the shop and get some help there. Something to realize is that you not only have to tune a bow. You have to adjust the sights so the bow aims where you are aiming.

    Sorry to sound so condescending, but I don't know your skill level. Trying to be of help. Any more questions I'll be happy to answer.

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