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Thread: older martin m33xrg bow

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    Unhappy older martin m33xrg bow

    i have an older martin bow and would like to upgrade it. i would like to use a full length string and change to cams. instead of what it currently has, cables and tear drops to a replaceable 36" string. it's getting too hard to find strings for it. i have already asked about this last week, on the "contact us" site, but received no response. i've already purchased a replacement string from martin, but wish to upgrade the whole bow. it's a martin M33XRG Predator bow, 29" draw, 65lb. draw weight. please let me know if this is possible, or do i need to purchase a new bow?

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    Without going into all the details I would advise against it. It just isn't cost effective. You're probably talking about a couple hndred dollars just for cams and cables/string. To that you may have to add the cost of new limbs as the ones you have may or may not be compatable.

    My suggestion would be to sell the bow for what you can get for it and get something like the Saber or Bengal. You'd be farther ahead and have something with a lifetime warranty. You can find both of these bows for under $400 new.

    If you still want to persue this then you'd be better off to call Martin's customer service and ask for one of the Tech Reps that know more about it, but I'd bet they tell you just what I did.

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